Orbis - Bright Trial Set Moist Type 7 pcs

Brand from Japan: Orbis. Bright Lotion M 180ml X1 Bright Wash Pigment 14g X1 Bright Lotion 18ml X1 Bright Moisturizer 8ml X1 Wrinkle White UV Protector Sample Pouch X1 White Clear Essence Sample Pouch X1 Body UV protector Sample Pouch X1 Omnidirectional whitening x ORBIS bright serier lotion that approaches the skin with thorough moisturizing. This product and a 3 step trial size of sunscreen, lotion, and moisturizer, and wrinkle improvement & One sample of high-spec medicated sunscreen Wrinkle White UV Protector that can achieve whitening. One sample of beauty liquid White Clear Essence that leads to the original transparency of the skin, Body UV sunscreen for the whole body. Moist type, for normal to dry skin. Oil free, fragrance free, coloring free, alcohol free. How to use: Estimated use: Cleanser: 1 cm, Toner: About half a teaspoon, Moisturizer: Pump 1-2 pushes. White Clear Essence: After conditioning the skin with Toner, use before moisturizer (milky lotion). Take an appropriate amount (about 2 to 3 pushes of a pump) on a clean palm and gently apply it to the entire face. Wrinkle White UV Protector: Can be used as a sunscreen for the face or as a makeup base. For a more beautiful finish, we recommend using a makeup base. Body UV Protector: Take an appropriate amount on your hands. Apply it little by little to the area where you want to prevent sunburn. And then spread it evenly immediately. When applying foundation again, it is recommended to spread this product evenly and firmly on the skin. And then use a makeup base for a more beautiful finish.

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